SPARK * The Change

2014 was great! Thank you!

"One of the few conferences that I have attended where I walked away with some tangible tools and techniques to help me spark change in my organisation."

Liz O’Neill, Charities Aid Foundation

Videos of our Talks are coming soon!


To see more of what happened at Spark, including slides and the full programme - go to our lanyrd page.

You can also view the Spark 2014 website for additional information on the event.

Spark 2014 on Lanyrd

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The Spark Award

Entries are open now!

Email us.

To Enter

Send us an email or tweet about the change you are sparking in your organisation.

The Prize

£1,000 to spread the change, and a professional case study and article in InfoQ to spread the word. Plus a speaker slot at Spark 2015


Send us an email or a tweet by 12 September and we’ll follow up with a phonecall.

The Spark Award was created with the generous support of Conscious Business People.

The aim was to ensure that inspiration turned to action. We want people to make changes in their workplace – changes that make them happier, that help the business innovate, respond and grow, and that overcome specific obstacles or blocks.

They could be small.

They might even fail.

That’s OK.

Here are a couple of examples of changes sparked:

  • Start implementing a Top 10 Easy wins to make the workplace happier.
  • Run the MiniGame with a team.
  • Apply the Swiss Army knife tool in a team retrospective.
  • Experiment with using OKRs instead of objectives.
  • Tie back our actions to our purpose, make the company purpose more visible.
  • Be more mindful of dissenters and turn cynics into backers during meetings.
  • Experiment with removing job titles (perhaps starting with just removing the grades) starting with just one function.
  • Organise a video lunch & learn sessions to watch the best talks from Spark with other teams and discuss the ideas presented.
  • Kudos wall arriving – kudos cards now being written.
  • Run mini-games for leadership team.
  • Bring in dairy-free low sugar cakes!

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Spark Toronto

We're delighted to announce Spark the Change - in Toronto, Canada!

You can find out more details about the 2015 event at the Spark Toronto website.

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